Bic Design on Fire wedstrijd

Wie kent de BIC balpennen en aanstekers niet… ? Juist…

Omwille van het 40 jarige bestaan van hun aanstekers, organiseert BIC hiervoor een wedstrijd voor mensen die creatief kunnen zijn.

De wedstrijd BIC Design On Fire bestaat erin om het leukste ontwerp te creëren voor de aansteker die in oktober 2013 op de markt wordt gebracht in heel Europa.
Aan het einde van de wedstrijd zal één van de ontwerpen door alle deelnemers worden gekozen via de BIC Match.

Laat jullie creativiteit de vrije loop en wie weet win jij wel de hoofdprijs van 4000 € en een oplage van 1 miljoen aanstekers in jouw design !

Ook voor de verliezers valt er nog van alles te winnen.
De winnaar van de beste slogan wint 2000 € en de verliezende finalisten krijgen hun zelf ontworpen aansteker in 300 exemplaren.

Deelnemen en stemmen kan via de Design On Fire-facebookpagina en kan nog tot 1 maart 2013.

Veel succes !

Bic Design on Fire wedstrijd

Wedstrijd reglement:

I. Introducing the rules of the game

To celebrate our 40th birthday, BIC Design On Fire invites you to create the 40th birthday design, 1 million copies of which will be produced across the whole of Europe!
Come share your creativity on our Facebook page.
During the first phase of the game, from 3rd January to 13th February, 3 creations will be chosen each week by a jury of renowned European experts, giving us 18 finalists by the end of the 6 weeks of the game.
The overall winner will take the €4,000 prize and 1 million copies of the design will be produced.
During the second phase of the game, from 15th February to 1st March, the BIC Match lets you choose your favourite designs from the 18 finalists.
Throughout the game, you can also suggest your original slogans to represent the BIC lighter’s 40th birthday! Try to win €2,000 by being as creative as possible!

To be won:

The overall winner will see their design on 1 million lighters and will take home the sum of €4,000!
The entrant who wins the prize for the best slogan will get €2,000 and a BIC Kayak, worth €400.
Each of the 18 finalists will receive 300 lighters with their design on.

II. Instructions

Create a BIC lighter design for the 40th birthday of BIC lighters
Let your imagination run riot! How do you see the next BIC lighter design – minimalist or complex? Be creative! The future of BIC lighter design is in your hands!
The criteria for possibly becoming the overall winner are: your popularity (thanks to the favourites which promote your design!), your originality, the colour scheme and the opportunity to create a collection from your design.
Be careful though, there are a few simple rules to follow: make sure you use images and photos which belong to you! If not, your creation cannot be accepted.

Suggest a slogan.

You can also suggest an original slogan to represent the 40th birthday of the BIC lighter!
Our jury will pick the best slogan, so be inspired!
Choose your favourite lighters. You can share your favourites in your account
Sway the jury by picking your favourites from the designs submitted! Popularity is one of the selection criteria for a design to be entered into the great BIC MATCH contest!

III. How to enter?

Follow these 3 steps:

Log in:

Create your own account via email, Facebook or Twitter on our Facebook page or at
Note, you must be an adult to take part.

Create your design:

Subject to the instructions we have given, you may use photos, graphic designs or anything you want, provided that you have the necessary rights.
We have provided you with a toolbox to allow you to create your design.
You can also upload an image or a photo in the file of your choice.
Each creation will be subject to validation (within 48 hours of submission) so we can satisfy ourselves that it complies with the instructions before being published in the gallery
If your creation is approved, it will appear in the gallery on the 2013 BIC Design On Fire Facebook page.

Suggest a slogan:

By choosing a favourite, you can suggest an original slogan to represent the 40th birthday of the BIC lighter!
Be careful though, there are a few simple rules to follow: the slogan must be no longer than 35 characters and must be original (no plagiarism!). Slogans which are abusive will not be accepted.

IV. Questions

How many creations can I submit?

You can submit as many designs as you like. Ignite your passion!

Why has my design been rejected?

So that we can ensure that each design complies with the instructions, all entries are subject to a preliminary validation.
If your design has been rejected, you will receive an email to inform you.
You can continue to submit one or more designs that comply with the instructions.

What if my design is one of the finalists?

You have been chosen by a European jury of renowned professionals to be one of the 18 finalists. You are already a winner! Indeed, all the finalists will receive 300 copies of their design!
From this point, your victory hangs on the votes of web users and those of your fans!

What if my slogan is the winner?

The same jury will select the most original and representative slogan for the 40th birthday of the BIC lighter.
The author of the winning slogan will win €2,000 as well as a BIC kayak, worth €400.

What if my design is the winner?

The jury will select 3 designs each week, for 6 weeks, giving 18 finalists.
The 18 finalist designs will then be put to the vote of web users in the BIC Match.
The creator of the winning design will receive €4,000 and 1 million copies of it will be produced throughout Europe.

What is the closing date of the contest?

The contest takes place from 3rd January to 1st March in two phases.
You have from 3rd January until 13th February to submit your designs.
From 15th February, you will no longer be able to submit designs but by playing the BIC Match you can choose the best designs and pick the overall winner!
You have the full duration of the contest, that is until 1st March, to submit your slogans and pick your favourite lighters to contribute to their victory!

Who are the personalities on the jury?

Our jury is made up of four leading professionals from the world of design:
1) Noé Two, Artist
2) Oana Nasta, Architect
3) Cédric Rainotte, Artistic Consultant
4) Lucas Delattre, Communications Manager at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM, French Institute of Fashion)

When will the winning design be announced?

After the designs have been selected by our jury between 3rd January and 13th February, they are put to the vote of web users from 15th February to 1st March.
The winning design, which will have received the most votes, will be announced on the 2013 BIC Design On Fire Facebook page during March.
The winning slogan will also be announced during March.



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